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New album released on September 15th «4000 Miles to Eden» , Michael Laine Hildebrandt has once again surpassed himself. We can say that it is one of those albums that the more you listen to it, the more you like it. We started listening to his first single with a lot of rhythm «Rock RockSigue leyendo «4000 MILES TO EDEN»


«Angel Dreams» new Bubble Gum Orchestra album with which he has hooked us in the spring of 2021. “Angel Dreams” nuevo disco de Bubble Gum Orchestra con el que nos ha enganchado en la primavera de 2021. We had been waiting for this album for some time since the author was giving us clues aboutSigue leyendo «ANGEL DREAMS»

The Path to Eleven Eleven

New album review Have you found your way? Some more and others less known which we are looking for or at least where we would like to go. Imagine going through a deep forest and you find an abandoned cathedral, silence, peace, you only hear the echo of the fluttering of the birds inside, leavingSigue leyendo «The Path to Eleven Eleven»

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