Interview Michael Laine Hidebrandt (Bubble Gum Orchestra)

New album “Mood Swings”

With the new release of “Mood Swings” we have dared to interview Michael Laine Hildebrandt, who has gladly accepted, the fans of Bubble Gum Orchestra want to know more about our idol and his work, so here is a very special interview.  


Hello Michael Laine Hildebrandt, first of all, thank you for agreeing to answer our interview, we are very excited and surely many fans were waiting for it. We are a little nervous because it is the first time interview an artist, so we are grateful to you.

BGO Fan Page: How can we call you?  Mike, Michael, Sir

MLH: Michael is fine. Wait… Sir Michael?…No,No,No.  hahahaha.  

BGO Fan Page: Since we have discovered your music we have been hooked on your melodies, your voice, your lyrics. Who introduced you to music? At what age did you start to get hooked on music?

MLH: Thank you for your kind words. My sister Patty introduced me along with AM radio WLS out of Chicago. My sister had all the Beatles albums plus a lot of classic 60’s & 70’s groups that I still love so dearly today but mostly the Beatles. I would go to sleep at night listening to all the AM radio hits that were being played at the time. I was around 7 or 8 years old. Awesome bands and memories.

BGO Fan Page: Why the bass and not another instrument?

MLH: A good friend of mine (Tim Wollett) was a guitarist and was looking for a bass player to perform a few songs for a local junior college video station. He approached me and told me he would teach me to play the bass guitar if I would be in the video. I took him up on his offer and have never looked back. I’m grateful that he asked me and started my music career. 

BGO Fan Page: Do you miss the stage?

MLH: Yes and no but mostly no. 

BGO Fan Page: Who is your musical idol?

HLH: I’ve never really had one specific idol but rather bands and the people in them I really love. The Beatles are at the top. 

BGO Fan Page: We know from other interviews that we have read about you that you are inspired by life itself to create your compositions, in your albums there are more moved and ballad songs, but why did “Mood Swings” become only a ballad album?

MLH: I wanted to challenge myself with an album of songs where the tempo of each song was under 90. Basically ballad style compositions. Slow is good sometimes. I love the way Mood Swings feels!

BGO Fan Page: Of all the songs on “Mood Swings”, which was the most difficult for you to record and why?

MLH: There wasn’t really a difficult one to record on this album. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and recording every song. The songs were coming out of me so quickly, it was difficult to write them down and keep up with my thoughts so that was slightly difficult I suppose. That’s the exciting part of composing for me. 

BGO Fan Page: We have read that “Love 101” is your favorite song, why, what is special about that song that the others do not have? You have very good songs on other albums. What characteristics does this song have that the rest do not have?

MLH: There was something special “magic” that happened when I wrote this song. It was the last song written for Mood Swings and the piano and lyrics just happened very quickly. It just sounded like a “hit” song to me that would fit nicely in a romantic movie. The music and lyrics are very relatable and I just love the way it turned out. Yes, my favorite BGO song. It makes me smile.

   BGO Fan Page: Does every artist have their rites , what are yours? When you went on stage, was there something you would repeat to bring you luck?

MLH: I believe you make your own luck. The only thing I repeated every night playing live was to give it my ALL.

BGO Fan Page: Does Michael have a hobby which helps him to unmind and continue making music?

MLH: A couple of my hobbies that relax me and contribute to my song writing are my bonsai trees and my motorcycles.  Speed and trees!  

 “Speed and trees


As girls we have noticed that you have holes in your ears 😊😁. what happened to your earrings ? 

 MLH: Good observation! Well, I got tired of them and took them out. My ears are very holy now!

BGO Fan Page: Going back to your new album “Mood Swings”, what is the relationship between the songs “What about Luv” and “A Lifetime away“? We say it by the lyrics on both songs. “What about luv” seems very similar to “A lifetime away”

MLH: No intentional relationship but very observant of you to notice and ask.  Just a couple of songs yearning for a distant love. Can you relate?

BGO Fan Page: 🤔🤔perhaps!!

BGO Fan Page: How do you decide the order of the songs in an album? As you compose them or have a predetermined order.

MLH: Never predetermined for all of the songs. Although however,  I have sometimes predetermined the opening song of an album when composing. I just like a good flow and go for it.

  BGO Fan Page: To know more about you Michael, what is your favorite dish and your favorite dessert 😄🥧

MLH: I love sushi, pizza, cereal and milk. Oh, and dark chocolate!!! 🍕🥛🍫🍣

BGO Fan Page: How long has it taken you to record the album “Mood Swings”? Is it more or less time than the other albums? Why do you think it has taken you that time unlike the old albums?

MLH: Written and recorded in 13 days. Far, far less than any other BGO album. I don’t question these things but I am grateful when they happen. I will always cherish those 13 days and the memories of creating something from nothing.

BGO Fan Page: How does Michael take care of his voice?

MLH: I never subject it to bad things and I never talk to strange women. 

BGO Fan Page: 😄😄😊

BGO Fan Page: And the last question. This year you are going to release some great hits and another new album. Can you tell us something about that?

MLH: Absolutely! Early July 2020 will see the release of our 40 song greatest hits double album celebrating our first 10 albums from 2011 to 2020! We are really excited about this monumental feat for us and beyond blessed to be bringing it to our BGO friends and fans. Later this Fall, we will be releasing our 11th full length studio album which promises to keep the Bubble Gum Orchestra legacy alive and extremely well. We stay busy and very happy and satisfied here in BGO land.   

Thank you very much Michael, it has been a pleasure to have spoken with you, for your kindness and closeness, we are going to enjoy your new album very much, we hope to be able to speak with you again soon.

MLH:The pleasure is all mine! Look forward to doing it again. I am so happy to have connected with you with my songs enough to have a Bubble Gum Orchestra Fan page and blog created. YOU ALL ROCK! 

By Anxos MD & Mary MF – BGO fan page 2020

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