The first time I listened to this song I had a strong feeling that it could be the soundtrack of anybody´s life.

After an apocalyptic beginning in reference to the tune, suddenly the melody changes into a sweet, positive and energetic one, which is what life is really like.

The mixture of tragedy and happiness makes the song have a fast and catchy rhythm.

So catchy that I have it into my head all day long.

In the same way, examining the lyrics , it is obvious that the author wants to emphasize the fact that time waits no man and everybody should take profit of life while we were on Earth.

Words like “Xanadu” “Shangri-la””El Dorado” “A ticket to the moon” have caught my eye and apologising to the poet beforehand, I would like to give my own Interpretation.

In life, one can build one´s own paradise, whatever you call it, life is a gift, so it is worth enjoying.

Finally, the story behind the video clip shows to what extent can the human being be generous.


A song to be remenbered.

To watch the video: click here

By Mary MF – BGO fan page 2020

Publicado por Bubble Gum Orchestra fan page

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