SANGUINE (instrumental)

From album “Beautiful Music for a Blue World

If you want to enjoy an instrumental song, just do this; close your eyes and let your imagination fly.

The first time I listened to “SANGUINE” with my eyes shut tight, made me find myself in one of the most fascinating places in the world; the Great Canyon of Colorado.

The beauty of the natural landscape linked to the strength and catchy rhythm of the music brought to my mind imagesof the glorious past and present of the site.

On a journey from north to south across this huge natural monument, I passed through a fascinating series of colourful sceneries, which takes the breath of anyone.

In the meanwhile the music was flowing stronger and with stunning an amazing changes of rhythm.

At sunset, When the music had recovered its initial tune and the sounds of the nature had disappeared.

I stood on the edge of a red stone cliff, the toroweap, and looked straight down the Colorado river below.

There on the banks, a Supai Indian warrior on horseback looked up at me, rose his left hand and with no words i knew the trip had been over.

SANGUINE (Instrumental)

By Mary MF – BGO fan page 2020

Thanks for pictures:

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