Sticky Love Songs (2016) Sixthoverture(2017)& Zentopia (2018)

Three different albums in three years, each one with a different concept. In this post we are going to show you the characteristics and peculiarities of each one.

Tres albums diferentes en tres años, cada uno con un concepto diferente. En este post os vamos a enseñar las características de cada uno y rarezas.

We started with “Sticky Love Songs”an album that was a bockbuster in 2016, for its catchy songs, it had the best reviews from its fans. We could also listen to several radio interviews about it and read some reviews. Apart from it, as fans, we are sad to see that people try to compare the artist´s own work with other bands and they are not capable themselves of enjoying such good and amazing compositions.

Comenzamos con “Sticky Love Songs” un álbum que fue un bombazo en 2016, por sus canciones pegadizas, tuvo las mejores críticas de sus fans, además podemos escuchar varias entrevistas en la radio sobre este álbum y leer alguna review, aunque como fans nos entristece ver que siempre se intenta hacer comparaciones con otras bandas y no se sumergen en el trabajo en sí del artista.

This album was broadcast that year by Alan Haber’s “Pure Pop Radio” and we can enjoy an interesting radio interview.

Click here to listen to the podcast of the interview.

Also in another blog you can read another interview:

This album was divided into 2 volumes making us remember the golden age of vinyl and it is an ode to love and heartbreak with songs like:

Este album ha sido radiado en ese año por la “Pure Pop Radio” de Alan Haber y podemos disfrutar de una interesante entrevista radiofónica.

Clica aqui para escuchar el podcast de la entrevista.

Tambien en otro blog podeis leer otra entrevista:

Este album lo divide en 2 volumenes haciendonos recordar la epoca dorada del vinilo y es una oda al amor y al desamor con canciones como :

Here, we show you the first cover idea of ​​the album “Sticky Love Songs”, shocking, right?, And the different ideas to be able to desing the cover and back cover, as you can see an album is not only the music. It is also an important part the artistic expression and the imagination which make the songs be more valiable and original.

Aqui os enseñamos la primera idea de portada del album “Sticky Love Songs”, impactante, verdad?, y las direrentes ideas para poder hacer la portada y contraportada, como podeis ver hacer un albun no es solo la música, tambien es parte importante la expresión artistica y la imaginación que acompañan las canciones .

The next album is Sixthoverture released in 2017. Let yourself be carried away by the BGO tornado enjoying its 11 songs, but do not be crasy about the cover of this album since as we have been able to read in their interviews MLH was not depressed, listening to this album we can be sure that was really inspired by the technical composition he uses and the way he plays with the melodies and lyrics.

El siguiente album es Sixthoverture publicado en el año 2017, déjate llevar por el tornado de BGO disfrutando de sus 11 canciones, pero no te engañes por la portada de este albúm ya que como hemos podido leer en sus entrevistas MLH no estaba deprimido, escuchando este disco podemos asegurar que realmente estaba muy inspitado por la técnica de composición que utiliza y cómo juega con las melodías y las letras.

You can read an interesting interview here in the blog of Robert Silverstein

As its author assures, they are songs composed as if he were an observer, a third person who tells us a story of someone’s love or lack of love, as he remarks, one of them belongs to a life experience of a friend wich he reflected in the composition.

We highlight on this album the brilliant collaboration of his brother Douglas Hildebrandt on guitar playing incredible solos, and how he can to express the feeling of each song in each chord.

In the song “God is good” it has had the collaboration of Les Farrington of Sugarbomb in the voices of the central verses and choirs. It is really is a luxury to hear these two voices together in the same song.

It is appreciated to have a review on the blog of Keith J Sinclair Elobeatlesforever in which he summarizes the feeling that it gives us when we listen to this album.

Podeis leer una interesante entrevista aquí en el blog de Robert Silverstein

Como asegura su autor son canciones compuestas como si fuera un observador , una tercera persona que nos cuenta la historia de amor o desamor de alguien , como asegura, una de ellas pertenece a una experiencia vital de un amigo que le marcó e impiró en la composición.

Destacamos en este disco la brillante colaboración de su hermano Douglas Hildebrandt en la guitarra interpretando increíbles solos, y como es capaz de expresar el sentimiento de cada canción en cada acorde.

En la canción “God is good” ha contado con la colaboración de Les Farrington de Sugarbomb en las voces de los versos centrales y coros, realmente es un lujo escuchar estas dos voces juntas en una misma canción.

Se agradece tener una review en el blog de Keith J Sinclair Elobeatlesforever en el que resume la sensación que nos da cuando escuchamos este álbum.

We love how the album begins with a storm approaching, there are 36 seconds of suspense of what will happen next, yes, then comes a song that depending on where we are in our lives we will desire to listen to “A new kind of Love song”, stop reading this review and tell us how many times you have thought this:

“Please dont read the news today. It will leave your world so grey and so lonely. Do you think we will ever survive. Who the hell knows what tomorrow will bring”

Sixoverture is a very philosophical album in which each song goes in detail the depths of our nature, the goodness, the evil, the love, the heartbreak, the real life, the difficult situations we must face, how can we get out of that tornado in which many times we are happy to be inside going round and round and even though we know where the exit is we are afraid of looking beyond and to make matters worse we are satisfied to be always the victims.

“Living on Eath” dazzles you between the clean sound of the piano and Douglas’s guitar. “Lower than low” our heart sunk.

Nos encanta como inicia el álbum con una tormenta acercándose, son 36 segundos de expectativa de lo que vendrá después, si, luego llega una canción que según en que situación estemos de nuestras vidas deseamos escuchar “A new kind of Love song” , párate a leer este verso y dinos cuantas veces has pensado esto:

“Please dont read the news today. It will leave your world so grey and so lonely. Do you think we will ever survive. Who the hell knows what tomorrow will bring”

Sixoverture se trata de un album muy filosófico en el que cada canción profundiza en lo mas hondo de nuestra naturaleza, lo bueno, lo malo, el amor y desamor, la vida real, las situaciones dificiles que debemos afrontar, como podemos salir de ese tornado en el que muchas veces nos conformamos en estar dentro dando vueltas y vueltas y que aunque sepamos cual es la salida nos da miedo ver mas allá y nos conformamos con ser siempre victimas.

Living on Eath” te encandila entre el limpio sonido del piano y la guitarra de Douglas. “Lower than low” y nos comprime el corazón.

Michael Laine Hildebrandt has wanted to share his paradise with everyone to which he dedicated a song and an album. We all have a favorite corner where we love to being with ourselves and escape from the world. This corner can be in our house or in the middle of nature, MLH has called it “Zentopia”.

Michael Laine Hildebrandt ha querido compartir con todo el mundo su paraíso al que le ha dedicado una canción y un álbum. Todos tenemos un rincón favorito en el que nos encanta estar con nosotros mismos y evadirmos del mundo, este rincón puede estar en nuestra casa o en medio de la naturaleza, MLH le ha puesto nombre “Zentopia”.

But if we see the cover, what happened to the BGO ship? It has crashed. We have wanted to ask MLH and this is what they have answered to us.

MLH: “I did´n want the spaceship to be always the main focus of my albums so I crashed it. A new one might appear someday? I don´t know.” ………”represents beauty and devastation”…… “Among the devastation of the crash of the ship, there is one little flower. But on the back of the album the flower has a deep deep meaning….Our entire universe is in the middle of the flower”.

With this answer we conclude that a new era of BGO begins with this album and we will notice it in the following albums. Indeed the songs are fresh, positive, although some not so much in their lyrics but the melody is catchy.

On the MLH website explains the meaning of each of the songs, but we are going to tell you the ones that we liked the most or at least those songs that you will not stop singing all day long.

We have fallen in love with “Love me” composed by Douglas Hildebrant and Michael’s sensual way of singing it, as he tells us on the web, we do not know who it is addressed to but we stayed with the two brothers hahaha. And “Do it with the lights on” with a catchy beat and its chorus.

“I´m so glad” was dedicated to Douglas after a serious accident. The sound of the electric guitar is the soul of Douglas and is embodied in this song.

if you need to bottle and sing a catchy chorus you can listen to the song “Hail! Hail! Hail! to the Undergogs”

Pero si vemos la portada ¿que le ha pasado a la nave BGO? se ha estrellado. Se lo hemos querido preguntar a MLH y esto es lo que nos ha respondido.

MLH: “I did´n want the spaceship to always be the main focus of my albums so I crashed it. A new one might appear someday? I don´t know.” ………”represents beauty and devastation”…… “Amongst the devastation of the crash of the ship, there is one little flower. But on the back of the album the flower has a deep deep meaning….Our entire universe is in the middle of the flower”.

Con esta respuesta sacamos la conclusión que a partir de este álbum comienza una nueva era de BGO y lo notaremos e los siguientes álbumes. Efectivamente las canciones son frescas, positivas , aunque alguna no tanto en su letra pero la melodía es pegadiza.

En la web MLH explica el significado de cada una de las canciones, pero nosotros vamos a contaros las que mas nos han gustado o por lo menos esas canciones que no paras de cantarlas en todo el día.

Nos hemos enamorado de “Love me” compuesta por Douglas Hildebrant y la sensual forma de cantarla de Michael, como nos cuenta en la web, no sabemos a quien va dirigida pero nos quedamos con los dos hermanos hahaha. Y “Do it with the lights on” con un ritmo pegadizo y su estribillo

“I´m so glad” fue dedicada a Douglas después de un fuerte accidente. El sonido de la guitarra eléctrica es el alma de Douglas y está encarnado en esta canción.

Si necesitas bibrar y cantar un estribillo pegadizo puedes escuchar la canción “Hail! Hail! Hail! to the Undergogs”

Do you remember the actress Joan Collins in the series Star Trek? Well, his song on this album “Edith Keeler” has the beautiful love story between Edith and Captain Kirk.

We hope you can enjoy these three magnificent albums that are very different from each other but that will not leave you indifferent.

The legacy continues …………

Te acuerdas de la actriz Joan Collins en la serie Star Trek? pues tiene su canción en este album “Edith Keeler” la bonita historia de amor entre Edith y el capitan Kirk.

Esperamos que podáis disfrutar de estos tres magníficos álbumes muy distintos entre se pero que no os van a dejar indiferentes.

El legado continua…………

By Anxos MD & Mary MF – BGO fan page 2020

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