Interview to Michael Laine Hildebrandt

Bubble Gum Orchestra

  Hello Michael! This summer we have enjoyed your Greatest Hits Album, we have not stopped listening to this album over and over again. It is an album in which you collect the best of your music in all these years. It is a fantastic introduction for new fans who discover your music and are encouraged to continue enjoying your melodies. We want to know more about you and your music and for that we thank you again for welcoming us to your studio.

  –          Michael, when you first started composing. What has inspired you to write your first song?.
I think the one thing that inspired me the most was the excitement of trying. Feeling a song deep inside of me and trying to write down my thoughts along with some melodies and some music. Having never done it before this was a daunting task but I knew  deep in my heart I should at least try and I’m thankful I did.

–          Question from a great musician Jib Khan @StarflightJib from Sydney : What is the one thing, more than any other, that inspires BGOs great music?

Hello maestro Jib…  My inspiration comes from the melodies… Plain and simple. I love, love, love writing melodies and their countermelodies and just keep layering them into a song. The melodies are what keep me writing and staying hyper inspired.

–          Nowadays you are composing a lot, it is your legacy, I wish everyone could do it, are you more inspired than before? Are you afraid that one day you don’t know what to compose?

Yes I am really composing a lot these days… More or less releasing two full length albums a year! There are certain things and events in my life that have inspired me recently and I am so thankful for that! Love is a wonderful thing. Am I afraid one day I won’t know what to compose?… I hope that day never arrives but you never know. I might wake up one morning and say… I have nothing left to say in a song.

–          For which film would you like to have written the soundtrack?

Oh I suppose there are a few films I would’ve liked to of written the soundtrack for but the way I look at it is… All the albums and songs I have written are for the soundtrack of my life. 

–          By the way, do you like movies?  that two movies would you commend us?
Yes, I do love movies. Oh that’s hard to answer but I will… Summer of 42 and Some Kind of Wonderful.

–          We can´t avoid listening to your  instrumental song Sanguine once and again. Each time we listen to it, we discover something different. Without words it tells us a story. Do you have any special way of composing these songs?

My brother and I wrote that song 20 some years ago. We just had a guitar plugged into a Rockman and a cheap little keyboard into a little Tascam tape recorder. I always liked that instrumental song so we brought it back to life on our album Beautiful Music for a Blue World. The Rockman has the classic Boston sound so we recorded through it again on the updated, new version. 

–          Many singers like: Nat King Cole with “aquellos ojos verdes”, Al Marino with “Spanish eyes” and Kim Carnes with “Bette Davis Eyes” have praised the women´s eyes in a song. Would you do the same if you could?
Great artists and songs you just mentioned. Yes I would absolutely write a song about beautiful eyes. When I meet her in person one day I will definitely write that song!

–          Your songs always tell us a story where love, loyalty, friendship, courage and touch of spirituality are always present. Tell us how important is for you the spiritual world?

I loved writing  about everything you mentioned above… It just comes naturally to me. Writing about those beautiful things is very spiritual for me and I connect so very deeply each time I write about those topics.

–          All the lyrics of your songs show us you are a kind of romantic poet. Have you ever thought in writing poetry?

Thank you. I’ve never written poetry so to speak ever. One would argue that the lyrics to my songs are somewhat poetic. Poetry is in the heart of the listener or reader.

–          There was a song by John Miles called “music was my first love” It was a hit in 1976, everybody listened to it once and again. Was music your first love too Michael?
My first love was music after I wrote my first song. I’d like to jokingly say, “music has never let me down or betrayed me.” Ha ha ha ha.

–          If you had to make a great hits album with the songs that accompanied you throughout your life, what are the first 5 that you would choose?

1.Need Her Love… ELO

2.Don’t Look Back… Boston

3. The Long and Winding Road… The Beatles

4.Silly Love Songs… Paul McCartney and wings

5. We’ve Only Just Begun… The carpenters

–          How does an artist feel when after more than a decade composing he publishes a greatest hits album?

It’s a very gratifying and fulfilling feeling. It still amazes me that this feat has been accomplished. I’m very blessed and thankful.

–          At the end of this month you are going to release a new album, how will it differ from Mood Swings. Can you tell us something?

Yes, at the end of September 2020 we will be releasing our next new full length album titled … The Path to Eleven Eleven. A somewhat spiritual endeavor for me in regards to the beautiful artwork my brother created and the actual meaning of the album title. We will get more in depth in our next interview.It’s really the polar opposite of our last album Mood Swings in many ways. The listener will have to decide how it differs for them when they hear the new album.

–          Summer is over, routine begins, you consider yourself a person of routines or every day is an adventure for you?

This year has gone very quickly for sure. I definitely have some routines in my life but I also like to live for the day as much as I possibly can. I don’t think of them as routines. I always say I’ve figured out what works for me in life and what hasn’t so my choices I make everyday might be defined as a routine by others but never defined routine by me. Life is short…dream big!

  Thank you very much Michael, it’s always a pleasure talking to you. We are waiting for the new album impatiently and we want to talk to you again very soon.

I want to thank you all for your great questions and all of your precious time. It thrills me so much to know that I have connected with you with my songs. I’m looking super forward to our next interview already!


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