Sticky Love Songs (2016) Sixthoverture(2017)& Zentopia (2018)

Three different albums in three years, each one with a different concept. In this post we are going to show you the characteristics and peculiarities of each one. Tres albums diferentes en tres años, cada uno con un concepto diferente. En este post os vamos a enseñar las características de cada uno y rarezas. WeSigue leyendo “Sticky Love Songs (2016) Sixthoverture(2017)& Zentopia (2018)”

40 Greatest Hits

What is your favorite song? ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita? The new Greatest Hits album have been released with a selection of the best songs from Bubble Gum Orchestra. Se ha estrenado el nuevo Grandes Éxitos con una selección de las mejores canciones de Bubble Gum Orchestra. A big surprise on this album. A personalizedSigue leyendo “40 Greatest Hits”

Interview Michael Laine Hidebrandt (Bubble Gum Orchestra)

New album “Mood Swings” With the new release of “Mood Swings” we have dared to interview Michael Laine Hildebrandt, who has gladly accepted, the fans of Bubble Gum Orchestra want to know more about our idol and his work, so here is a very special interview.     Hello Michael Laine Hildebrandt, first of all,Sigue leyendo “Interview Michael Laine Hidebrandt (Bubble Gum Orchestra)”

“Mood Swings”

Next Tuesday April 28th BGO will release their new album “Mood Swings“ El próximo martes día 28 de abril BGO lanzará su nuevo album “Mood Swings” And on Wednesday April 29 surprise ………….. !!!! Y el miércoles día 29 de abril sorpresa…………..!!!! By Anxos MD & Mary MF – BGO fan page 2020

When it all began / Cuando todo empezó “Out Of This World”

First album, first project, first illusion. It was 2011 when Michael Laine Hildebrandt embarked on a solo musical project with a long career as a musician in different bands in the USA, always faithful to his Warwick bass of which he is endorser. Based in a town near Dallas (Texas) he wanted to make somethingSigue leyendo “When it all began / Cuando todo empezó “Out Of This World””

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